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Best Indian Dishes

If you have never tried Indian food, you will find it full of surprise for the first time. Indian food is all about spice and flavor. As a food lover you will definitely like Indian dishes. The ingredients of Indian foods are mixed in such a manner, you will get a burst of flavor out of it.  There are hundreds of Indian dishes that you should try, but if that too much for you here is a short list of Indian delicacy you must try. Indian food is famous all over the world and there are reasons behind it. you will find out once your try it for yourself.


Rogan Josh

This dish is from Kashmir, a place which is called the heaven in earth for its beauty. This dish is equally beautiful and tasty at the same time. Spice is the secret behind every great Indian dish, this one is no different. Mixed with different types of spices this curry is made with bay leaves, fennel seeds and turmeric. You must try this before if you are really a food lover. This dish is full of flavor which you will remember for a long time.


Butter Chicken

There is nothing more Indian when it comes to the dish¬† named ” butter chicken”. This food is from Punjab where most of the Indian food lovers lives. Punjabi people are proud of this dish and thinks as their own. Chicken mixed with yogurt and after that many different types of spices. The signature of this dish is the butter of top which makes it even more delicious. This is one food you must try if you are new into Indian food. Foods in India are heavily associated with culture and region. Though this dish is from Punjab, it is very popular all over India.

Bhapaa Alo

Another Indian delicacy which is quite popular in India. This recipe is amazing and once cooked perfectly this will taste like heaven. As said earlier most Indian foods are influenced by region, this food comes from Bengali. They know about flavors ans spice and they put everything to this special recipe. The key ingredient of this dish is potato. Then it is mixed with different types of spices like foron, coconut and oil to get the right flavor. This one is a must try for anyone trying Indian food.


Indian knows how to make a perfect steak and they are doing it for years. The Kebab is one of the most popular dish in Indian culture. Mixed with historic value, kebab has been a favorite delicacy for many generation. Ancient Kings of India used to love this dish and thats why it is called Nawabi Kebab. The main ingredient of this dish is the meat from lamb. This dish comes from one of the most historically rich place of India called Lucknow. You will taste the finest form of meat with this dish. The spices makes this dish a must have Indian dish for any food lover.