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Indonesia – Tasty Foods

Indonesia rounds out our Southeast Asian trip, but we still will not disappoint you!

First of all, the main food eaten here (by far) is sambal. This is although a condiment, yet some people love it so much that they eat it as a main attraction. Pretty much everything here in Indonesia has some sort of sambal in it. My gosh.


This is nothing more than grilled meat on wooden skewers. People eat this stuff at the side of the road, slowly chewing away at the meats. Coals are used to cook up the meats, and people use to fan the smoke away.

Lots of meats that you can use here, such as chicken, goat, lamb and others. People also eat it with barbecue sauce, or peanut sauce. Fantastic stuff.

Sometimes, satay is served with cucumber and sticky rice (ketupat).


There is one huge food that no one from Indonesia cannot go without – indomie. This is literally nothing more than instant noodles. They are found pretty much in every supermarket in plastic packs – yet indomie is usually found in so many local eateries.

Indomie can be served with pieces of fried meat, lime, eggs and various other dishes, fried quickly in a hot wok.

Ayam Penyet

Translated literally as ‘crushed chicken’, it isn’t really crushed. It’s basically grilled, marinated in sauce and sprinkled with breadcrumbs.

Usually served with sambal (of course, what else?), it comes with a healthy chunk of rice, some soup and if you are feeling really hungry, lots of other meats as well.

That wraps up our South East Asia trip! Hopefully we’ll be back to update you with more cuisines around the world. Stay tuned!