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Limousines for Corporate Food Events?

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

Every event even a catering or major food event knows just how much appearance for customers is necessary to boost a business in front of its customers. The practice of booking limo rides and party buses for employees of the board or events and even for important clients has been around for ages. However, it seems that there has been a spike in popularity for limo services in recent years.

The main reason why party limo bus services are becoming increasingly popular among businesses and events is the fact that they are no longer considered to be an unnecessary luxury, but a completely necessary way of doing business. Providing a limousine service for your executives and even for your clients and prospective business partners is the best way to show your professionalism and your level of respect for the persons you are dealing with.

When it comes to corporate and food events that might require the assistance of a professional limo service, there is an almost unending list of occasions.We asked our partners in toronto party bus rentals company and here is what they have as the most popular bookings they get that lead to a successful event!

We are only going to name a few of them which are most important and which seem to take place more often.

  1. Business meetings For Your Food Event

Regardless if the business meeting is among members of the same corporation or among prospective partners, a limousine service can certainly improve the experience and make everyone feel a lot more comfortable than they would normally feel.

  1. Airport rides

It so happens that businessmen need to travel a lot and need to supervise activities of a company in many different corners of the country. Since public transportation or taxi cabs would be an obvious waste of time and even a waste of money, a professional limousine service is the way to go in these cases. This way you can rest assured that no time will be lost in waiting for taxis. The important people in your company should not only fly comfortably in the first class, but they should also ride comfortably in luxurious limousines.

  1. Hunting talent

It is obvious that the hiring process is a lot different for big companies than for small businesses. If you have a professional whom you are interested in getting aboard your company, then a limousine would be the most professional and best way to impress them on your way to a business lunch.

The bottom line is that companies have a lot to gain from booking limo rides for the people that matter to them. It is a great way of saving time and of showing your professionalism. In fact, it is one of the best ways of showing just how much you respect these people and how much you value their professional capabilities.

Limousine rides are not only reserved for the rich or famous. They are a great means for you and your company to show what you are made of and be proud of how successful you are during your events. More than that, sticking with the same limousine renting company might even land you some pretty good deals and discounts. After all, this would be nothing else than an incredibly fruitful business partnership.

Below are some event tips from Martha which make your next event with a limo a success!

Effective Weight Loss Tips

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016


The process of losing weight is a struggle. Many of us starve day after day to lose weight and to stay fit. However, the key to weight loss is not staying away from food. There are many effective ways of losing your weight. You will find plenty of tips on the internet regarding weight loss. All those information and suggestions are bound to make someone confuse. You need a plan to lose your weight without sacrificing the health. Here are some tips which have been proven effective in weight loss process.

Regular Breakfast

As said earlier, weight loss is not about avoid food, it is about controlling your choice. Scientists have shown that regular breakfast help us to stay in shape. We can control our weight with regular breakfast. Many of us has this misconception that eating breakfast will cause to gain weight. However, the reality is different. A healthy and nutritious breakfast allows us to stay fit and healthy. If the breakfast is healthy, it will help to control your weight. If you skip the breakfast in the morning, you will feel hungry all the day. Which may cause you to take unhealthy food throughout the day.

Regular Meals

The good thing about weight loss is that you don’t have to starve. You can have all the regular meal and still can control your weight. It is a misconception that, eating meals will cause weight gain. If you are choosing the proper diet and having the meals in time, there is no reason to gain weight. Our body gets calories when we eat, and if the eating is regular, the calories will burn a lot faster. Burning calories are the most essential element of a weight loss process. If you stay hungry by skipping meals, you will try to have some snacks which actually causes weight gain.

Fruits and Vegetables

There are no better alternatives than fresh fruits and vegetables when it comes to weight loss. The amount of calories in fruits and vegetables is very low. So no matter how much you consume those, you are not likely to gain any weights. Fruits and vegetables are also high in nutritious values. Consumption of vegetables and fruits keeps us healthy and fit. The amount of vitamins and minerals in vegetables is also very high, these ingredients are essential for our health.


Regular exercise is another important part of weight loss. We take calories when we have our meals. In order to burn those calories, regular exercise is very important. Workout and exercise help us to sweat and burn those calories. A healthy diet can ensure low consumption of calories, but burning those extra calories is also very important. There is no alternative of regular exercise if you want to stay in shape and healthy. There are many of forms of exercises which can help you to burn calories. So be active and stay in shape. Exercise will help you to lose weight and also to stay healthy.

How To Transform Your Body By Losing Weight

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

For those new to the weight loss game, in addition to veterans, there’re always a number of good resources available. You’ll find a large number of e-guides, books, videos, diets and additional materials available. The most important consideration is losing weight safely, and these tips will provide advice for doing so.

Take a look and consider how these tips could work for you.


1. You can incorporate low-fat or non-fat yogurt into your diet to shed some pounds. This may prove highly beneficial, due to yogurt’s fat-burning capabilities. The cultures found in yogurt aid in digestion, boost the immune system, and help you to burn fat. A lot of people credit yogurt as a significant factor in dieting.

2. During television commercials, you could shed pounds by walking a treadmill, riding a stationary bike, or doing somewhat of strength training. Placing a cold beverage in your hand could greatly help the process of doing bicep curls. Add activity to your downtime to avoid becoming a couch potato. Every moment of down time counts when considering your dieting goals.

3. You can shed some pounds by taking more time chewing your food during meals. Chewing your food slowly causes you to become full quicker and you won’t be as likely to over eat. Another benefit to chewing slower is you digest food better when you do. As a general rule, chew a piece of steak, pork or lamb approximately 30 times before swallowing it.

4. Get everyone to eat the same healthy food rather than cooking a high and a low-cal meal. Weight loss and maintenance are a lot more manageable when everyone in the family is consuming the same type of food. It could really help you if there is no high-calorie food for you to sneak a bite of. It is crucial to remember that every single piece of food you consume counts.

5. In case you have a habit of drinking too much coffee, make the switch to green tea. You may hold on to water and enter dehydration if you consume caffeinated coffee. Green tea has antioxidants that can help you keep your weight healthy and maintained effectively. Green tea is as easily available as coffee and can be found in any major supermarket.

6. Adding an additional hour of sleep to your schedule might help you shed pounds. This is because rested people do not need unhealthy snacks to help them overcome fatigue. Sleeping less than 8 hours every night makes you more vulnerable to obesity. Also when you’re well rested you feel a whole lot better.

Indonesia – Tasty Foods

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

Indonesia rounds out our Southeast Asian trip, but we still will not disappoint you!

First of all, the main food eaten here (by far) is sambal. This is although a condiment, yet some people love it so much that they eat it as a main attraction. Pretty much everything here in Indonesia has some sort of sambal in it. My gosh.


This is nothing more than grilled meat on wooden skewers. People eat this stuff at the side of the road, slowly chewing away at the meats. Coals are used to cook up the meats, and people use to fan the smoke away.

Lots of meats that you can use here, such as chicken, goat, lamb and others. People also eat it with barbecue sauce, or peanut sauce. Fantastic stuff.

Sometimes, satay is served with cucumber and sticky rice (ketupat).


There is one huge food that no one from Indonesia cannot go without – indomie. This is literally nothing more than instant noodles. They are found pretty much in every supermarket in plastic packs – yet indomie is usually found in so many local eateries.

Indomie can be served with pieces of fried meat, lime, eggs and various other dishes, fried quickly in a hot wok.

Ayam Penyet

Translated literally as ‘crushed chicken’, it isn’t really crushed. It’s basically grilled, marinated in sauce and sprinkled with breadcrumbs.

Usually served with sambal (of course, what else?), it comes with a healthy chunk of rice, some soup and if you are feeling really hungry, lots of other meats as well.

That wraps up our South East Asia trip! Hopefully we’ll be back to update you with more cuisines around the world. Stay tuned!



Singapore Foods

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Singapore is yet another fantastic country to get your Asian food fix! Although there are many things that are a little expensive, the cheap stuff can be gotten rather easily. I’ll introduce some of the most famous food for you!


Singapore is a large melting pot of cultures. It incorporates a large part of Asia, and various other western cuisines. If you are a local, you might enjoy this sort of food! But here on this blog I’ll be introducing some of the top things you can eat in Singapore! I’ll try to introduce to you some of the most common ones!

Wanton noodles

The Singapore version of the Wanton noodles are totally from Hong Kong. This version is usually dry, with just a little bit of light sweet sauce. The combination of eating it together with pork, as well as a small bowl of super plain soup is amazing. The soup, although as incredibly simple (it’s only boiled water a little bit of MSG!) These noodles also come with dumplings as well, you have an option to get it fried or wet (comes in the soup). Absolutely tasty. Eat it!

Dim Sum

This is just another fancy way of saying ‘Chinese Dumplings’. These come in various varieties, such as the Siew Long Bao (make sure you eat it whole – there’s tasty broth in the middle), the Ha Gao (dumplings with prawns in them) and of course, the tasty Baos (lots of different options here – there are plenty of things such as the braised pork version, the sweet egg yolk version and some many others)

Be warned though, Dim Sum is somewhat considered ‘fine dining’ here in Singapore and isn’t exactly cheap, but that’s okay. It’s still totally worth it though!

Kaya Toast

Oh my god. This is SUCH a simple meal, yet unbelievably delicious. The traditional bread (sometimes served thick and lathered with coconut jam (known locally as ‘kaya’) and then a little bit of egg on the side is so simple but delicious.

The eggs are usually soft boiled and served with pepper and dark soya sauce. Depending on how you like your eggs will determine how you choose to eat it.

That’s all from Singapore today! We’ll see what else we can offer you with in our next post, where we talk about food from Indonesia!




Malaysia Truly Asia

Sunday, October 11th, 2015

We finally made that one trip to Malaysia! It is a fantastic country with lots to sample food wise, and we’d love to share some of those things with you. We truly hope you enjoy them.

Nasi Lemak

There is nothing better than the Nasi Lemak. It’s a fantastically tasty dish, consisting of rice steamed santan and coconut milk (giving it fantastic fragrance, throwing in fish or chicken curry, as well as all the other extra side dishes such as fried anchovies, hard boiled eggs and cucumbers. I highly recommend eating this dish whenever you are in town!

There are a couple of moderately famous places in and around Kuala Lumpur – but I think the best Nasi Lemak (literally translated into fatty rice by the way) are the ones you get from the stalls in and around the city. Try it the next time you get the chance!


Fried Rice Noodles

Fried rice noodles are delicious. This is literally a plate of thick yellow noodles, with all sorts of ingredients in it – boiled with thick dark sauce, pork, squid and cakes. People tend to put all sorts of stuff in it as well, such as vegetables. Pork lard is usually the main ingredient. You can eat fried rice noodles at anytime and at any place. Highly recommended.

Bak Kut Teh

The name of this particular dish, literally translates into meaty bone tea. It is literally just soup, simmered in herbs and spices for a couple of hours, sometimes days for more taste. Other ingredients include mushrooms, vegetables and tofu. Sometimes, people enjoy the dried version, but in my opinion there is nothing better than the wet soupy feeling of sipping on your Bak Kut Teh.

People usually have it for breakfast, but there are many occasions when you get BKT. Klang is by far the best place to get it, and the experience is a strange one. You get to this particular store, and the butchers are slicing up the pig nearby! This is weird, and in preparation for the next day’s meal (after all, you need to let the food stew a while right?) you sit and eat the soup not too far away.

Sounds good? Tomorrow we’ll be talking about our food trip to Singapore!



Sunday, October 11th, 2015

Hey there!

My wife and I just started this brand new food blog (mostly my wife, but I help out occasionally as well) and we wanna thank all of you in advance for following us!

We love travelling and eating, and we want to share some of our experiences with you.

We just came back from a trip to South East Asia, and we loved it. We’ll be updating this blog with a couple more food related posts soon, so stay tuned!

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